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The Wallis Design Unicycle component line is currently undergoing design changes that will make it even more exciting than the previous models. In addition to increased performance and usability features, the new components will be cross-compatible with KH parts which will make upgrading and combining components easier for everyone. It takes time to do the design work, create new molds, and get production going and I am not able to give availability estimates yet. In the mean time, refer to MountainUni.Com who will be carrying the Wallis Design line as it becomes available.

Thanks for your patience,

Scott Wallis


Previous product info below:

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Random product notes:

DeRail base with threaded inserts - includes both Primo and
Thomson post adapters, post bolts and swivel nuts,
stainless steel handle and bumper mounting
hardware, and hex keys                                    Design changes and price TBA

DeRail base drilled to either KH or Miyata pattern (or undrilled)

no threaded inserts & no handle/bumper hardware or tools

Includes Thomson and Primo post adapters, seat post mounting screws
and swivel nuts     Design changes and price TBA

Thomson Elite seat post when purchased with a DeRail base only Price and availability TBA

Primo Rod seat post Price and availability TBA


SIF-Grips installed on DeRail base            Design changes and price TBA
SS brake mount                                                         Design changes and price TBA

DeathGrip handle                                                     Design changes and price TBA
V-Grip handle                                                           Design changes and price TBA

Carbon fiber bumper                                            Design changes and price TBA


 Molded carbon fiber DeathGrip handle,
available for right or left hand use

                                                                                                           Offset Stainless Steel brake mount

DeRail carbon fiber seat base for direct tilt mounting with Thomson or Primo Rod seat posts
(shown with optional SIF-Grips)


"RoadRelief" Saddle with molded air cushion and V-Grip Handle



KH spacers

DeRail with fusion side